NDP Awards Season!


Sydney Burns, Staff Writer

It’s awards season here at NDP, and you can feel the excitement in the air! Coveted awards are given out to numerous students who achieve academic success, tremendous service, and embody the true NDP girl. Every year, it is a tradition to hold an awards assembly to honor seniors’ accomplishments achieved throughout their four years. For the 2017-2018 school year, it was nothing short of a success!

Awards were given out in the topics of bi-literacy, academic achievement, service, scholarships, and much more. This year, major awards included the NDP Medal, the General Excellence Award, Service Medals, and the White Blazer Award. This year, the chosen winners were worthy of every award given at this ceremony. Julia Habiger received the NDP Medal, our very own co-editor Grace Sullivan was awarded the General Excellence Award, and Jenna Thompson received the Bene Merenti Award. Service Medals were also rewarded to Elena Benassi, Eleni Chakales, Samantha Tamberino, Madison Tewey, and Emma Wilson.

Finally, the most anticipated award is the White Blazer Award. This year, one of The Gateway co-editors, Maeve Sheehey received this award! Her love for The Gateway, Umoja, and Cross Country showed that she possesses the qualities of a White Blazer girl. Congratulations to everyone who was honored at this ceremony and good luck to the seniors as they begin their new chapter!