Finals Tips

Miller, Kathleen


Kathleen Miller, Staff Writer

Finals can be really stressful. Here are some tips to make them a little bit easier.

  1. Set up a studying schedule. Decide on what you want to study and when. Having a schedule is much better than aimlessly switching between subjects because you will feel more accomplished and confident if you can check your classes off a list. Also, schedule breaks in between studying to give yourself a reward.
  2. Put down your phone. It will take you longer to study if you are responding to texts, making you more likely to skim the material to get through studying. Schedule phone breaks as a reward.
  3. Pack your bag the night before. Pack anything you might need: a snack, water bottle, study materials, and pens and pencils. Don’t forget your calculator and any formula sheets your teacher has asked you to bring on math and science day.
  4. Eat a good breakfast before your exams. There is nothing more distracting than being hungry during a test.
  5. Study a bit in the morning. Depending on when you get to school, you may have some time to study before exams. Don’t try to cram the information into your brain and stress yourself out. Just glance over the material one more time.
  6. Use extra time during the test to check answers. You don’t want to have points taken off because you made a silly mistake.
  7. Relax. Teachers know that you couldn’t possibly remember every detail you’ve learned throughout the semester. Do your best to answer every question as fully as possible, even if you don’t remember the answer. Also, don’t worry about a test after you have taken it. Worrying isn’t going to help your grade.