Emma! A Pop Musical

Anna Zittle, Gateway Writer

Yet another musical has taken place over the weekend at NDP, and what a great end to a wonderful Music Appreciation Week!  For those who haven’t seen the show, Emma! A Pop Musical is based on the Jane Austen novel, Emma, and tells the story of matchmaker Emma who’s “main talent” is setting her friends up with appropriate people.  However, in the end she learns that maybe social status isn’t everything and that great relationships can come from all different people.

The casting for this show could not have been more perfect.  The lovely Olivia Aubele starred as Emma, alongside Jake Schwartz as her love interest, Jeff.  The two’s quippy dialogue and sassy comebacks perfected their chemistry and invested the audience in their story.  Harriet, Emma’s friend and the one Emma tries to match make for, was also fantastically portrayed by Allie Charney ’18.  Her lovely voice and nice, sweet attitude made the final hook up between her and Martin (played by Colin Ryan) a perfect ending to a wonderful show.  Mumbi Wainaina, Cailyn Walters, and Maddie Laudeman all graced the NDP stage for the last time as Jane, Mrs. Weston, and Miss Bates respectively.  Maddie Laudeman’s quirky dance moves and hilarious dialogue had the audience weeping tears of laughter during each show, as she took the character’s eccentricities to the next level.  Noelani Won ’18 also shined in her portrayal of Ashley, as she performed a complicated dance routine flawlessly.  The entire ensemble had a blast coming up with specific characters to make all of the dining room scenes interesting and animated.  Even with the short rehearsal time we had, everyone in the cast put in all of their effort to present an amazing spring show.

The cast of Emma was thrilled to present the show this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and hope that everyone enjoyed the performances!