Catholic Schools Week 2017


Mary Lorenz, Staff Writer

Monday, January 30, marked the beginning of Catholic Schools Week 2017. Each day began with a special prayer specific to the theme of the day. On Monday, for instance, Student Appreciation Day was celebrated. Girls were given cookies during lunch as a thank you. Teacher Appreciation Day was Tuesday, January 31. Teachers enjoyed a delicious lunch as a token of gratitude. The entire school community celebrated liturgy on Wednesday, February 1 as a part of Catholic Schools Appreciation Day, planned by Mrs. Carlson and the rest of the Campus Ministry team. Katherine and Christina Battaglia delivered a heartwarming Call to Worship about their love for Catholic schools and each other. Christina, the younger of the two, gained the attention of the audience when she said, “I wanted to be just like her,” in reference to Katherine’s success with a Catholic education. Katie Reiners professed the word from Timothy during the reading. A touching video played while communion occurred, offering reflection to all. Leaving liturgy, the community felt more centered and closer to God. Thursday brought Parent Appreciation Day. Parents were invited to join their daughters for the morning and conclude with lunch. Thursday’s lunch is unique to NDP, unlike many of the other activities, which are conducted throughout the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Called Pasta for the Philippines, just one meal a year at NDP provides lunches for an entire year at a school in the Philippines. The program had its 24th anniversary this year. Former NDP teacher Jeff Goethals, with some help, makes both the pasta and the sauce. Bread is provided from Stone Mill Bakery and is almost famous for its wonderful taste. Students, teachers, parents, and staff gather to enjoy the pasta and each others’ company. Friday, to close the week, a sophomore religion class went on their yearly retreat to Moravia Park Elementary School. While on retreat, girls went to class with young children, helped teachers, and took part in fun activities such as lunch and recess. When they returned to school, they got to participate in a prayer service and guided meditation. Also, throughout the entire week, a collection drive had been led to gather warm clothes and toiletries for the families at Moravia Park, as many of them are refugees without basic supplies. The week as a whole offered self-reflection, service, and the celebration of a wonderful community, and anyone would be lucky to be a part of this loving community. After five days of celebration, this feeling is stronger than ever before.




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