Sisters Academy Sports Camp 2016

8th grade campers and counselors at Sister's Academy Sports Camp

8th grade campers and counselors at Sister’s Academy Sports Camp

Emily Christ, Staff Writer

For the 10th year students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade at the Sisters Academy School in Baltimore came to NDP for a sports camp. It was amazing to have the girls back, as the camp did not run last year due to scheduling issues. Each girl is assigned to an NDP girl who serves as her cheerleader, motivator, and friend throughout the week. The counselors encourage the girls to try new things and to work hard. They are also there for guidance. Each day the girls participate in a variety of activities such as badminton, swimming, art, dance, and field hockey. This is all thanks to the wonderful staff who organized the lunches, schedules, and lessons. Mrs. Gren, a former NDP teacher, works so hard to make sure the camp runs smoothly, and it would not be possible without her. Many NDP alumnae teach lessons and even some teachers helped with lunch. We really had an amazing staff this year which is a big reason why the camp was such a success. Everyone involved had a wonderful week and was sad when it was over.

Personally, I had an amazing time working with the eighth graders. They were really shy in the beginning of the week, but we were all hugging and crying when it was time to leave. It was so amazing to watch them grow throughout the week and gain confidence. According to the principle of Sisters Academy, the eighth grade has been through a lot. They have lost many classmates and teachers and have a hard time trusting people.  Throughout the week, Mr. Pomplon gave the counselors and the campers silly challenges to help us get closer. One day campers had to get the counselors to scratch their elbow which was easier than you think. We also did dress up days; one day we all dressed as boys, and another we all dressed as old ladies. The girls learned so much about each sport and really worked hard. Most of the girls had never played most of the sports. I don’t think any of the girls knew how to play field hockey prior to the camp, but by the end of the week, they beat the counselors in a scrimmage. At the end of the week, campers and counselors had to perform a dance for the rest of the camp, and, although everyone was super nervous, we did an amazing job. I am so proud of all that the girls accomplished—they all gained a lot of confidence through the week and really opened up. I’m so glad that I participated in this camp, and I hope I get to see the campers again soon!