Gym Meet 2016


Emily Christ, Staff Writer

This year the freshmen performed rain or shine, the sophomores headed to the beach to hang ‘18, the juniors haunted houses down on 17th street, and the seniors ruled the seas. This year Gym Meet had some bumps in the road with missing school for a week and thus missing committee meetings, but ultimately every class did an amazing job. This still wasn’t any old Gym Meet though. The senior class introduced a few new traditions, including giving the juniors a gift on Friday morning and spreading kindness throughout the whole school.  In each junior homeroom there were bags of candy for the girls to enjoy, and in every classroom there was an encouraging note written on the board. They also wore socks in their class colors on Friday for Gym Meet liturgy. The seniors stepped up to show what Gym Meet is all about. Gym Meet is all about being kind to one another and embracing sisterhood. Like Ms. Schiavone said in her reflection at Gym Meet Liturgy, Gym Meet isn’t physical or about all the routines; it’s about making bonds and celebrating everyone’s talent. The seniors did a very good job of reminding us that this year.

The freshman took 4th place with 404 points, the sophomore’s came in 3rd with 416 points, the juniors in 2nd with 516 points, and the seniors took the silver with 586 points. The seniors took home the song, dance, and march plaques and also won poster. This was the third dance plaque the senior class has won. The juniors took home the aerobics plaque for the first time.  Also new this year, all grades won the costume “plaque.” Although costume is not judged and did not affect the total scores, all the costume committees were honored with the costume plaque to show our appreciation for them. Overall, this was one of the best Gym Meets ever, and hopefully next year will be even better, although we will miss the seniors a lot, as they sail away in the May.