Sunday Night Live: Starring NDP Fathers


Haley Dick ’16 and her father, Russell, at the 2015 Father-Daughter Dance.

Haley Dick, Editor-in-Chief

Sunday after Sunday, NDP dads got together to make what is known to all as Father’s Follies. Being a tradition at the Prep for a long time, the fathers strive to make each year better than the one before. This year’s theme was “Sunday Night Live,” a slight reenactment of the famous NBC show, “Saturday Night Live.” The event is open to the entire upper level, and the same goes for the fathers that can volunteer their time to make the show great.

Dressed in suits and dresses, the girls and their fathers arrived at Notre Dame Prep on December 6th to enjoy the show. The night began with a dinner, and the show followed, of course, with dessert to finish it off. The performers got into the characters of their daughters, wearing a photo of them around their necks, and everything down to the blue dress and saddles. Skit after skit, the performance had the audience laughing out of their seats, and the feeling of love and appreciation was present in the air. There is something amazing about a grown man willing to embarrass himself to show how much he loves his daughter.

However, the feeling of appreciation was seen not only towards the dads in the show, but also to the dads in the audience. The entire event is a spectacular way to bring girls closer to their fathers, seeing them in a different setting. Senior Kristyn Lundquist said, “My father participated in Follies for all four years, and every year he just seems to get funnier. We have always been really close, but Follies always makes me love him even more, and I am sad that it is coming to an end.” While it was sad for all the seniors to accept that it was their last Fathers Follies, it was even harder for the fathers who were in the show to accept that it was the last time they would be able to perform with their “brothers.”