Gearing to Go through the Gateway


Mary Lorenz , Staff Writer

On August 27, 2015, all freshmen gathered for the first ever Freshmen Orientation to get ready for our first days as NDP Upper Level students. In the NDP auditorium, we went to hear Mrs. Kaiser talk about the details that would get us through our first day here. While she did get into important details, she told us that we are the biggest class at NDP so far, and that we have seven sets of twins in our class! Sister Patricia also reminded us of our mission statement, and how important it is that we follow it. Once all the advisors had been introduced, we all met with the other students in our advisory, and learned where our homeroom was. Heading back to the auditorium, we then learned the school song for assemblies. With our new nametags on our brand new uniforms, we  went to the dining room for snacks. After that, small groups went on a scavenger hunt to learn where we would have to go on the first day. We saw everything: from the guidance offices, to the pool, to the social studies classrooms. Seniors were stationed along the way, passing out stickers to add to our tour guide sheets and answering any questions we had. As we walked through the halls, there was a general feeling of enthusiasm to start the new year.  A final trip back to advisory closed in prayer and excitement for the year ahead!

Image from: “Hello.” The Salad Bowl. RedWriter, 12 Dec. 2014. Web. 1 Sept. 2015.