Countdown to Gym Meet


Elizabeth Loh, Staff Writer

Ah, it’s that time of the year! Cue the corny Instagram captions, folks, because Gym Meet is finally here again! Tunics are being pulled out as the mere word, “plaque,” puts a smile on people’s faces. Gym Meet, as I’m sure all of you know, is a traditional competition between all four Upper Level classes in the hopes of winning the coveted silver cup. Five sought-after plaques are awarded to the class who excels in dance, aerobics, poster, song, and march. You may wonder how we are all able to accomplish all of this in the span of a couple weeks. Well, we can leave it to the Gym Meet committees to make sure everything works out perfectly! Gym Meet committee meetings are in full swing! Many onlookers can stroll by a classroom after school to see groups of creative girls brainstorming for their class. Personally, my favorite part of Gym Meet is that jittery feeling of excitement outside the gym right before I hear, “Next up, the Class of 2016!!” I do not know about you guys, but I know that I absolutely cannot wait to walk in the halls the week of gym meet. The sheer creativity that goes into decorating the halls is astounding! Streamers, glitter, posters, and paint adorn the halls, brightening everyone’s day. No doubt, this year should be better than ever as the Freshmen take a walk on the moon, the Sophomores show their patriotic pride, the Juniors take out their magic wands, and the Seniors let out their inner rock’n’roll. Who will claim the victory this year? That’s something we’ll just have to find out…