The Giver: To See or Not to See

Mary Lorenz, Middle Level Writer

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What really makes a movie worth seeing, even after you love the original story when it was book? The Giver, I will confess, is one of my favorite books, and Lois Lowry one of my favorite authors. However, will the movie live up to the book? Usually, I would watch the movie anyway, decide if I liked it, and if I wasn’t satisfied, then I would shake it off. In this case, though, there is a deeper meaning in the book, and not many books have this. It is part of the author’s ability to create a story this intricate that shows how powerful storytelling can be. The question is: Can a movie do the same? Many of my friends have seen the movie already and voiced their opinions that the first half was kind of confusing. Only half of them had read the book, so I get how a story like this could be hard to understand. The other issue I would like to address is the use of color. In the book, readers realize that the world is black and white, and Jonas slowly begins to see in color. Does the movie adapt this same color scheme? In the posters, the images are black and white, with a strip of color, but is this to indicate it will slowly begin to change from black and white? I would personally like to follow how Jonas sees color, because I think it is essential to the plot. Finally, will the underlying meaning be apparent in a movie? Or will we only be able to find this through the book?

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