Summer FroYo

Mary Lorenz, Middle Level Writer

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Over the summer, going out for frozen yogurt is definitely a favorite activity. This year, I reviewed three frozen yogurt places: Yolavie, Tutti Frutti, and Fruitti Yummi. All three had pros and cons. Yolavie, located in the Hunt Valley Towne Centre, is a great place to go if you are seeing a movie, going out to dinner, or shopping. However, the topping selection was not as extensive as the others. Tutti Frutti, the closest froyo to school, is a great after school place. It is on the way home for many girls and proved to have the most extensive yogurt and topping selection. Finally, Fruitti Yummi, the newest of the three, is in a prime location, because it is near several neighborhoods, and within walking distance for some. The flavors here are limited, but I have still never had something I didn’t like. Also, the toppings are almost as good as Tutti Frutti. All in all, any one of these places are great to go for frozen yogurt, and we should get it in now as the last few warm days fade away. What’s your favorite froyo place?

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