Umoja = Unity

Umoja = Unity

Katelyn Feihe, Student Life Writer

It is impossible not to know what NDP’s school theme is each year because it’s always right there-beautifully displayed on the front cover of every student’s planner. It is a constant reminder to each NDP girl to embrace the theme and live it out each day.

So what is the 2014-2015 theme? “Embracing Umoja” takes the honor. When I first heard this phrase, I wasn’t quite sure what the word “Umoja” meant. With a quick Internet search, I soon learned that it is Swahili for “unity.” This word echoes in the halls of NDP. Camp Umoja, held each summer at NDP, is celebrating 10 years of service, and Club Umoja parties are held every month throughout the school year. Both of these programs were created to promote relationships between NDP students and children in Baltimore City public housing developments. The Umoja Program also increases our awareness of issues affecting the youth in our own city of Baltimore.

This school year, our goal is to fully embrace each other, in the ways that we are the same and in the ways that we are different. The NDP community is united in so many ways- our uniforms, our school spirit, our trust in God, and our sisterhood. This unity is what makes NDP so great. We are stronger when united together under our common interests and beliefs. This year we are challenged, by our theme of “Umoja,” to reaffirm our sisterhood and to become the strongest and most coherent community we can be. It is important for each of us to embrace every member of NDP as an important individual with a unique contribution to bring to our community. We are united as one!

With the cover of your planner as a gentle reminder, ask yourself, “How can I embrace Umoja today?”