GEMS…Diamonds or Science?

Anna Zittle, Staff Writer

Throughout the summer I’m sure many people have been relaxing at the beach, hanging out with friends, and of course, going to summer camps!  This year I had the privilege of attending a GEMS camp in Dover, Delaware.  GEMS stands for Gains in the Education of Math and Science, and the program was sponsored by the AEOP, or Army Educational Outreach Program.  The five day camp I attended focused on forensic science, specifically solving murders.  During the camp we were given a case of our own, and we had to analyze forensic evidence from the crime scene to solve the murder.  Throughout the week we used fingerprinting to identify suspects, examined entomological (insect-related) evidence to determine the time of death of the victim, and studied the results of a DNA test to confirm the murderer.  Overall, this camp was a well spent week of summer, and if you’re interested in science, it is an excellent program to look into in the future.