Freshmen’s First Day


Emily Christ, Student Life Writer

You walk through the door and see girls everywhere moving swiftly through the halls. You follow the crowd in an attempt to find your advisory, but you have no idea where you’re supposed to go. You start to panic inside as you glance down at your even more confusing map, too shy to ask someone you don’t know for help. Luckily, an upperclassman you know gladly leads you to your advisory and then to the auditorium. This is how my NDP career got started. Looking back as a sophomore, I wish I would’ve asked someone to help me sooner. Throughout the day, I soon realized that everyone was so nice, and anyone would have helped me if I asked. My advice to new girls is don’t be afraid to ask an older girl to help you find your way; they all remember their first day and how they felt when they were in your position. Secondly, don’t be shy to talk to new girls and make new friends in your grade. I remember I barely talked on my first day, except to the friends I already knew. As the day went on though, I began to break out of my comfort zone, and by lunch, I was already talking with new friends. The first day may seem awkward, but trust me, everyone is as nervous as you, and there really is nothing to worry about.

So now you’ve gotten through the first step, finding your way and making new friends, and now for the hard part, the work load. You may think high school is harder than middle school, and for most students it is. It is already stressful enough to go to a new school with all new people, and you may think it is all too much. Don’t worry though, you will get used to high school, and it will get easier. The teachers know that being a freshman is hard so they won’t make the start too difficult. Don’t worry about being late because you’re lost either. On my first day I lost my schedule and had to find my way back to advisory and ask my teacher for a new one. I then walked to my class and told my teacher what happened, and she was fine with it. So the point is, don’t lose your schedule, but if you do, teachers will understand. This all may seem intimidating, but don’t worry by the second or third day you will be walking around like a pro.

During the first week or so I was on my computer all the time whether I was taking notes or playing games. Playing games was definitely a big problem for me during my frees. My advice to new freshmen is to use your free time wisely and get some homework done, especially if you play sports or participate in clubs. It really helps at night when you get home late, and you have a ton of homework to do. Also, if your homework seems hard, don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher about it. At the beginning of my freshman Spanish II class, I was struggling with homework, but I talked to my teacher, and she gave me tips to help me to understand. If your classes are too hard, you can always phase down, and if your classes are too easy, you can also phase up. You want to make sure your classes are challenging, but not impossible. Speaking of classes, don’t be intimidated by swim class. I know the idea of swimming is strange, but it’s not as weird as it seems. The swim teachers are so nice too! My advice is to stayed focus and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

So now you’re prepared for your first year of high school, you know about classes, making friends, and that high school isn’t all that intimidating. All this may stress you out, but remember high school is about making memories that will last forever. I hope my advice helps! You only get one freshman year in high school so make it count! One last thing, don’t forget that the first day of school is picture day too!