1,2,3 UMOJA


Brianna and her camper

Brianna Abraham, Student Life Writer

Umoja! So many feelings arise when hearing this word meaning unity in Swahili. From the excitement of the bus’ arrivals, awkward camper-counselor meetings and the ever-coveted free swim time, Umoja is the highlight of summer at NDP! Why should you spend two weeks of your summer at Camp Umoja? It is fun…pretty simple! Your camper isn’t only someone you need to watch after, but your friend. If you have ever attended Camp Umoja, you have probably experienced the “Umoja moment”. You and your camper will have that one moment when you feel connected and experience the real reason you are at camp. You eventually begin to look past the service hours and Chick-Fil-A lunches and think about the friendships made. If you haven’t attended this spectacular, life-changing camp, you haven’t experienced life. 1, 2, 3, UMOJA!