Crafts for Christmas

Katie Lorenz, Middle Level Writer

After school during December, a small group of girls gather in Mrs. Leitch’s art lab. They are here for Crafts for Christmas, a program that allows girls to hand-make Christmas gifts for their family and friends, instead of just giving all store-bought gifts. The hand-made gifts are always special. This program lasts about two weeks and involves a new craft every day. This year, they are working with everything from clay to fleece. The program is small, only about seven girls are doing it this year. Being in such a small group allows the girls to learn more about each other and become close friends because they are also not all in the same grade. You do not need to be artistic to participate in this program, just open-minded. Many of the crafts this year are able to go to a wide range of people, and the upper level girls will also be coming to help them make sock monkeys. The crafts include ornaments, earrings, and blankets, and are able to go to a wide range of family members. dec article cfc pic dec 9