Gym Meet Begins at NDP

Juliana Bauerle, Student Life Writer

After many weeks of deliberation, the themes for Gym Meet 2013 have been decided! Though the school wide competition won’t occur for five months, NDP is already buzzing with ideas for aerobics songs, march formations and costume plans. Gym Meet, which is an over eighty year tradition for the NDP Upper Level, is a three day competition between the four grades for the coveted Silver Cup. Classes compete in march, song, aerobics, dance and poster, led by committees of talented students. Each year, unique themes are chosen, and cannot be repeated for at least four years.  The class of 2016 chose the theme “FBI: Freshman Bureau of Investigation”, while the tenth graders return for their second year with “Sophomore Survivors.” The class of 2014 will take on “Junior Class Rises” and the seniors chose “Cirque de Seniors” as their final theme.

While the first practice doesn’t start for months, students are already getting excited for the Gym Meet season. Last year’s competition was stiff and the three days’ rivalry for the coveted Silver Cup was exciting for all, as a great way to bond with classmates. Sophomore class Gym Meet captain Lauren Hartman says, “The happiness that Gym Meet brings to our classmates is reason enough to continue leading our class through such a long-lasting tradition at NDP, not to mention the thrill I get from seeing the huge impact that Gym Meet has on our class in bringing us closer together as sisters….” Her words speak for not only the grades separated, but certainly for the entire Upper Level combined.

Although the rules of Gym Meet have changed over the years, the purpose still remains the same: to unite classes as sisters and to have a good time. Gym Meet in its entirety may be stressful, but the two nights of happiness and competition at the beginning of March are always worth the months of preparation.