Ring Day!

Julia Wilson, Student Life


The countdown begins.

As a junior, Ring Day is constantly in my thoughts. I’m sure that I am not the only junior who thinks about Ring themes, songs, and dresses on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.

On November 2, 2012, the juniors, Class of 2014, will officially become upper class women.

The excitement is definitely in the air. By now, most juniors have decided on their dresses, so most juniors are focused on preparations for Ring Day’s liturgy, ceremony, and dance. On Wednesday, Ring committees were discussed during the junior class meeting, and countdowns to November 2nd can be found in juniors’ planners, laptops, or homeroom bulletin boards (like 11A’s).

I interviewed Meghan Cain, the junior class president, to find out her thoughts about why Ring Day is so special. I could see Meghan’s excitement as soon as I mentioned Ring Day to her. I asked her what she is most excited for on Ring Day. Meghan replied, “I’m most excited for sitting on the stage, looking at all of my sisters’ faces, and sharing in their excitement and happiness on such a special day!” She definitely cannot wait to share this day with her sisters! I also wanted to know what Meghan thought’s were on what being an upper class woman means. She told me that it is an exciting transition, but also that it means new responsibilities like “setting a good example for our little sisters.” Finally, I wanted to know how Meghan felt about her upcoming speech. On Ring Day, it is tradition that the junior class president makes a speech during Ring ceremony. When I asked Meghan how she felt about this, she answered, “I am so honored to be giving the president speech on Ring Day, but I’m nervous to speak for 147 girls! I want to make sure I capture the importance of the day and its significance. Any one of the girls in our class could do it!” I am absolutely positive that Meghan will give an amazing speech and that the junior class will be so proud of her.

But I still have more questions! What makes ring so exciting? What preparation goes into Ring? What do the dresses look like? What songs are being picked? What are Ring committees planning?

I hope to find out about of these exciting details as the countdown until Ring Day continues!

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Get excited, Juniors!