Snow Many Student are Excited for Winter Sports


Ms. Burns

The NDP Track and Field team is very excited to run into the winter season!

Tricia Kohler, Staff Writer

The winter season brings lots of events to Notre Dame Preparatory School from Tree Trim to the Sophomore Pinning Ceremony. One aspect of winter that NDP students look forward to are winter sports. Fortunately, NDP is allowing all winter sports to take place for the 2021-2022 winter season.

All the winter sports at NDP are in full swing including basketball, winter track, swimming, and squash. Many students are very excited to begin the winter sports season. With four varsity teams participating in the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland (IAAM), many are excited to start the season strong. Claire McGarvey, a Junior who joined the NDP Indoor Track and Field Team, says, “The things I am looking forward to the most about winter sports are meeting new people with whom I do not get to be teammates within other seasons and finding a passion for another sport. It feels really good to be back playing a winter sport and representing my school!” Sophia DiDonato, a sophomore who participates on the NDP Squash team, likes the fact that she can try new things and meet new people. Junior Varsity basketball player, Charli Joyce, explains, “I’m so happy to be back to playing sports again and having a somewhat fully normal basketball season!” Each of these athletes have one shared idea: excitement for the winter sports season.

Winter sports are one of the numerous aspects of NDP that students love, and many are ecstatic to be back on the court or on the track. If you want to attend a sporting event, go to the NDP website, and look for the athletics page. From there, you can navigate your way to finding the winter sports’ schedules. Let’s go Blazers!