Fall into Sports and Healthy Living


Tricia Kohler

Playing soccer with your friends is a great way to get moving!

Tricia Kohler, Staff Writer

Did you think we would ever have spring sports four months ago? I, like many of us, did not. The many restrictions and risks that came into play did not give us much hope for the fall season. However, as the cold weather nears, we are so lucky to be able to begin fall sports! Many sports at Notre Dame Prep, such as soccer, cross country, volleyball, and tennis, have had their tryouts and begun the fall season. Even if you are not participating in fall sports, there are many ways that you can stay in shape to maintain a healthy lifestyle as the cold weather approaches.

A few weeks ago, the IAAM (Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland) announced that schools were permitted to have a season, but the league would not sponsor a championship. Because NDP sports are following the IAAM’s statement, many fall sports teams have hosted tryouts to begin the unexpected fall season. Even though there will be no championships, we look forward to the beginning of sports here at NDP.  It’s great news that these sports have been permitted to resume in order to move past this COVID-19 pandemic. As a soccer player, participating in a fall sport with social distancing and wearing masks has been a different experience, but I trust that we are taking proper precautions to play sports safely. Freshman Addie McDonnell says, “I feel like going to practices after school is making this weird school year a lot more normal.” Sports are definitely making this school year seem closer to any other.

For those of you who are not participating in fall sports here at NDP, there are lots of ways to maintain physical health and to stay in shape. Even though the warm temperatures are slipping away from us, we can find different ways to be active and get some exercise. Take a walk in your neighborhood after you finish your homework, or play a fun game of basketball with your neighbors, friends, or siblings. Taking a hike in the woods can help with stress and other anxieties you are experiencing right now in these unprecedented times. Walking among the fall foliage can help you appreciate the beauty that occurs in nature. Anything to get your body moving can help you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Cold weather makes us want to sit on the couch with a cozy blanket and a warm drink, but we should also take the time to enjoy the outdoors by getting some exercise. With NDP sports kicking off their seasons, lots of students are excited to be back on the field or water, or are ready to take on the court. If you are not doing any fall sports, do not forget to take some time to get some fresh air. Your body will thank you later!