Super Bowl Sunday


From the National Football League

Erin Diehl, Staff Writer

As the annual game of the year was underway, it was a battle between the West Coast Los Angeles Rams and the powerhouse New England Patriots. As Jim Nantz and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo commentated on the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history, a tumultuous game between two drastically different lineups took place in the heart of Atlanta.

Led by veteran head coach Bill Belichick, the Pats had survived a rare underdog season in order to arrive at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Their five losses during the regular season were all to squads who failed to qualify for the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl. On the other hand, newbie Sean McVay, the youngest head coach in the National Football League today, guided his 24-year-old quarterback through the highs and lows of the 2018 football season. With varying strategies and playing styles, this mash-up was highly anticipated throughout the nation.

The majority of the game was football’s equivalent to a pitcher’s duel, as the acclaimed announcer’s prediction of a high-scoring game was shot down. In the first quarter, a missed 46-yard field goal and a Rams interception promoted a dominant defense that caused the first fourth of the game to be scoreless. It was not until five minutes into the second quarter that points were tacked on the board. Stephen Gostkowski knocked a field goal between the uprights to give the Patriots a starting lead. However, this accomplishment was clouded by the problematic injury to valued safety Patrick Chung later in that quarter. When the first half concluded, the unit from New England possessed the one score lead over the team from the City of Angels.

The lively intermission was conducted by award-winning band Maroon 5. The concert at midfield included a wide range of their famous, chart-topping hits. Lead vocalist Adam Levine even included rap mogul Travis Scott and special guest Big Boi to add another captivating element to their spirited set. The 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show was highly acclaimed by many football fans, especially the millennial audience. However, after these 15 minutes, it was time for the real show to resume!

The lackluster Los Angeles offense proved more and more ineffective, as midway through the third quarter, the team had accumulated eight punts, which was more carries than their leading rusher Todd Gurley had. However, crew in yellow and blue finally added some points to the very low scoreboard as their kicker successfully made a 53-yard completion, which was particularly troublesome after the previous sack for a multi-yard loss. To the anxious audience at home, perhaps the game was going into high gear as the end was in sight.

The final 15 minutes were the most hectic out of the regulation period. After the robust tight end Rob Gronkowski snatched the football to place the Pats on the two-yard line, running back Sony Michel sprinted into the end zone to boost their lead to seven points. The hungry Rams tried to fight back, but Patriots safety Stephon Gilmore intercepted Jared Goff’s pass during a red zone drive on the three-yard line. Gostkowski then generated a two-possession lead over the West Coast team as Brady and company drove down the field for an extra three points. In the final minutes as time ticked down, the Rams trudged down the field with a shrivel of hope to make a miraculous comeback, which was suddenly halted when their kicker, dubbed the nickname “Greg the Leg” Zuerlein, missed a field goal attempt to potentially lead to a Rams victory. Instead, the Patriots, much to many Ravens fans dismay, were once again victorious.

This year’s primarily dull Super Bowl wrapped up with yet another New England triumph. Though the battle between the young QB and head coach of LA against the long time dynasty in the north was intended to be mesmerizing, the minuscule scores from either end of the ball left many viewers disappointed, except the Patriots. Their sixth victory in nine Super Bowl appearances gave them the tremendous pride to hoist the Lombardi trophy once again. Will the Patriots mighty regime come to an end any time soon? NFL fans will have to tune in next season to find out.