Spring Athletics- Closing Remarks


Heather Meeder, Staff Writer

Sports at NDP have come to a close, but certainly they are all something to be proud of! In the spring NDP has lacrosse, crew, softball, track and field, and badminton.

Lauren Ryan was a defender on the varsity lacrosse team and describes her time on the team. She concludes that “My team is great, and we bonded really well as a unit. We had a lot of obstacles this season but had a great start and pushed through it as a team. Our closeness and unity helped us to be a top opponent against all the other teams.” The lacrosse team rose to the challenge and had an overall winning season!

Emma Madera on crew says, ” We learned a lot and became extremely close this season. We made a new group of friends where we can be ourselves and work out mind and body together. Crew is very much mental as it is physical. Through our erg rowing tests and cardio workouts, the crew team got in tip top shape and was successful in all their races. Our Novice Boat is the number one Novice team in Maryland, and all our teams rowed together and smoothly as a unit.”

Kristyn Lundquist on softball says, “It was an adjustment season, and we lost a lot of heartbreaking games. It was still a fun-filled season, and next year we will be back and better than ever!” The team came out strong and showed their competitors their skills and got the job done! Kristyn, a rising senior, is looking forward to building the team up and winning that title next year!

Anna remarks from badminton that this year the team compromised both fun and seriousness to create the best balance for being the number two team in their division. Anna remarks that she loved the enthusiasm of her captains and team and loved the cheers they chanted to motivate the team.

Colleen Campbell, a relay runner, 200 meter and 400 meter runner says, “The track and field team had a great season! Throughout the season, we worked really hard and accomplished our goals. I am so proud of our team and look forward to participating in track again next year!”

All of these student athletes have expressed their love for their sport and spring seasons here at NDP! NDP has successfully brought home many wins and continues to grow and prosper in athletics!