Amy Nolan, Student Life Editor

The Athletic Association dance is a tradition the Notre Dame Prep community looks forward to every year.  For many years the seniors have been able to make their dresses that go along with the theme and wear their saddle shoes proudly.  This year’s theme was “bAAltimore.”  Various dresses were shown among the senior class.  The Ravens, Old Bay, Orioles, Navy, Terps, and Black eyed Susans were just some of the different themes worn by the girls.

Weeks of preparation go into the task of making dresses.  First, each group of girls has to determine what theme they would like their dresses to be.  Next, they have to figure out how to express that theme in the dresses they will make.  Most importantly, the girls have to figure out how to sew the dresses.  This may be the most difficult part.  Hours of sewing and re-sewing is contributed to making sure the dresses are just the way they want to them to be.

As the day got closer, the girls grew more excited for the dance.  Beads, accessories, and lots of glitter are put on as the girls get ready for the dance.  They take pictures and laugh as the excitement grows.  Lindsey Aburn says, “I have looked forward to my Senior AA Dance since I was a freshman.  I remember looking up to all the seniors thinking they were so old and mature.  It feels so odd to me that I am finally in their shoes!”

The school was magically transformed into a Baltimore themed dance within hours.  As the girls arrived with their dates, they were greeted with smiles from members of the Athletic Association and lots of candy.  The cafeteria was decorated with painted crab shells and old bay cans.  This was definitely a night the girls would never forget.AA