Spring Track and Field 2013

Amy Nolan, Sports Writer

Spring is in the air once again.  That can only mean one thing… Spring Track and Field season has started!  Mr. Klein thinks this could be the best season yet for our NDP girls.  A lot of experienced runners, as well as new runners, have decided to take part in this extracurricular activity, forming a team of around 80 girls.  From running, to jumping, to throwing, the team has been doing rigorous exercises to better themselves for upcoming meets.

A lot of the workouts this year have been assisted by a new running coach named DJ.  DJ has come all the way from Ethiopia and knows very little English.  Despite the language barrier, he encourages everyone to do their best, always shouting out, “Yes!  Good Job!” with an enthusiastic smile on his face.

The girls as well as the coaches are pumped for the season.  Darby DeCarlo says, “I’ve been doing track since freshman year, and I just can’t get enough!  The event I participate in is discus.  With the help of Mr. Pomplon, Ben, and my fellow throwers, I hope to break the school record!”

With Mr. Klein, Ms.Fennacle, Mr. Pomplon, DJ and Ben, the NDP track team could be unstoppable this year.  With three meets left in the season, the girls are working hard to qualify for championships.  Don’t forget to come to the track meets to cheer for your fellow classmates!