Middle Level Fall Sports Reflections

Middle Level Reflections


Field Hockey Fall Season 2011-Excerpts from Reflections by Camryn Diggins , Mary Kate Guillott, and Elizabeth Seward

The fall has come and gone and so has field hockey season! The middle level B field hockey team had a wonderful year, with an overall status of three wins, three loses, and two ties. Their toughest game was against McDonough, because McDonough moved the ball very well and worked well as a team. Their best game was surprisingly their first, against St. Paul’s school for girls. The B team improved tremendously from the beginning of the season.  By mid season, the team made better decisions on where to hit the ball, which team member to pass to, and most importantly, how to work well as a team. By mid season, the team made better decisions on where to hit the ball, who to pass to, and most importantly, how to work together as a team.

The C team not only grew in their skills, but also in their teamwork and friendship. For a team that had never played well together, they worked well as a team and each person played a role in the winning season.   When the players were not on the field, they cheered loudly for their teammates, and learned a lot from Coach Shannon. She was a great coach and everyone thanks her! Each player listened and paid attention no matter what. The C team ended their season undefeated!

“Blazers get your head in the game!”

Volleyball Fall Season 2011 – Excerpts from Reflections by Sydni Thomas, Margaret McElroy, Lilly Yerkes, and Caroline Yanson

The A team had a great season, with a winning record of 7-5. There were a total of 7 players, consisting of both seventh and eighth grade girls. The team became very close during the season, from the intense games to playing at practice. Everyone supported one another and always looked at the positive side. The team had great coaches that were really fun and knew the game really well. The team really enjoyed the season, and everyone is disappointed that it ended!

Bump…Set…Spike! The B team volleyball players had a great season this year. Coach Nancy Caspari and Coach Kristen led the team to many victories. Lucy Gussio said, “My favorite thing about volleyball was that the whole team was really nice and supportive, and volleyball is fun to play!” Everyone learned how to serve, bump, set and hit, and their improvement showed in the end. Some girls, for example Noelani Won, can serve over hand. The last match of the season was one of the best matches ever played. The team won the first game, lost the second, and then came back in the third round to win the match. The win was a great way to end the season.