Project Greenway 2022


Kirsten Pizzico, Staff Writer

This year’s Project Greenway marked the first live runway show the school has had in two years since COVID hit. This specific show was so special because NDP was able to have a live audience gathered in the auditorium. Additionally, the mother of Claire Wagonhurst, to whom the show every year is dedicated, was able to come and speak and share the light that Claire always did. We were reminded with her mother’s words what it truly means to be passionate and the effect we each have the potential to make on the world. Claire Wagonhurst was an exceptional person, and the hard work put forth by the girls who participated in this year’s show really represents everything that Claire stood for. This year was a runway show I do not think we can forget.

For the Greenway show this year, there were a total of 24 designs by our high school girls that took the floor. The freshman class had four designs, the sophomores had eight, the juniors a total of ten, and finally, the seniors presented two. The designers of the first dress from the 9th graders were Sophia D, Kirsten P, and Karli P. Their design was titled, “Black, White and Read all over” modeled by Karli. These girls made their dress from tossed newspapers that people didn’t want and from disposable garbage bags. The second design provided from the class of 2025 was “Reduce, Reuse, and Restyle” by Abby M, Lauren S, and Mia G, worn by Mia. They used soda tabs, a used white shirt, and aluminum foil. The third dress from the 9th-grade class was titled “Running in Style” by Kaitlyn M, Charlotte G, and Emma S. This design made from water bottle labels and track numbers was modeled by Kaitlyn. Lastly, the final design from the 9th graders was by Katherine B, Sarah P, and Megan Z. It was titled “Sugar Rush Party” and made of candy wrappers and worn by Katherine.

The first design from the sophomore class was “Beach Waves,” created and modeled by Morgan B. It was made from an old blue tent cover and old bathing suits. The second dress was made by Anna L and Claire J, made from old shirts sewn together to imitate an older century look. It was named “Ethereal Gardens” and was modeled by Molly C. Another design by the 10th graders was “Wonder Woman Saves Christmas” created by Isabella A and Charlotte C, modeled as well by Charlotte. It was made from cut-up Christmas cards and plastic cups that were used as cuffs. One design from this class was made solely from trash bags, called “Midnight Masquerade” made by Aanya C, Reilly D, and Anna G. “Navigating a Cleaner World” was designed by Abby D, Becca M and Annie R. It was created from used, cut up maps and was modeled by Abby. A design by Brookelyn M and Ella H was made from used fabric, trash bags, and paper links. It was titled “Sage” and was modeled by Jules F.  One dress titled “Sweet 16” was created from leftover tablecloths from a sweet 16 party. It was designed by Ashley E and worn by Aleena C. Lastly, Veronica H created and modeled her own gown called “Without a Fairy Godmother” which was made from blue paper-like materials.

The juniors were the class with the most designs this year, with a total of ten dresses created by the class. The first design from this class was “Baby Blues” by Maeve M, Meg B and Charlotte S. This design was made from used baby clothes and was modeled by Cate B. “College Couture” was modeled and created by Summer N. This design had a trail made of college letters. The next dress was by Abby K who also designed and wore her own dress titled “Day by Day.” This work was made from bits of a calendar, old T-shirts, and ribbon. One dress from the Juniors was made completely from old and used bathing suits. This design was titled “Fashion 50 Freestyle” which was designed by Bernadette R and Madison V and modeled by Bernadette. One dress named “Flower Field” was made by Julia K and Katie M. It was worn by Ella M and was made of an old bedsheet and a taken apart canvas. One very unique design was by Kristina M, Lily O, and Ashley J. It was modeled by Kristina and was created from Dunking Donuts materials. “The Only Dress You’ll Ever Knead” was made from bread bags. It was designed by Diane E and Noelle B and worn by Audrey H. Emma J created and modeled her own look called “Trick or Treating Trash” which was made from candy wrappers. Emily R and Meredith H designed and modeled “Wedding Bells,” a look made from old bedsheets, buttons, and ribbons. Eva M and Ava A created and wore “Vogue Mini Dress.” This gown was made purely from Vogue magazines.

Lastly, the seniors produced two looks at this year’s show. First was Abby M, Anna G, and Leah S’s design which was “Feeling Blue.” Abby M was the model, and this look was made from tissue paper and an old piece of fabric. The final design of the show was created and worn by Nadia K. Her dress was called “Smart Shopping” and was made with cut pieces of paper and ribbon.

This year’s Project Greenway was special because of our ability to be together in person after such a hard few years apart. There was a lot of hard work put into the show, and I think the result of each look really shows that. Our NDP girls really did a fantastic job conveying the purpose of Project Greenway and having such a memorable show. Each look greatly expressed how to make the world green. Our world will become a better place because of projects like these. With this annual project, there is no doubt that these girls will grow to transform the world.