Sisterly Advice: Nov. 2021


Shirley, Shelly, and Sheila

“Sisterly Advice,” your favorite advice column, is finally back! Read along as your sisters Shirley, Shelly, and Sheila answer some questions from the NDP student body.


“Trying to balance the stress of college searching, school activities, and difficult classes. It’s all too much! How can I calm down?” – Worried Wanda

Shirley: Wanda, you are so relatable. I get it – everyone’s stressed, the work is never-ending, and buying the food from the cafeteria just doesn’t give you that same serotonin it used to. I feel like every day I get the same horoscope that says, “Warning: you may or may not burn out soon,” so I guess we’ll just take it day-by-day. We’re all in this together… right?

Shelly: Trust me; I know school can be very stressful. Whenever I get really overwhelmed, I take some time for myself to recharge. Your mental health is always first, and it is very important to take some time to slow down. Talking it out with someone can also be very helpful. Good luck!

Sheila: Dear Worried Wanda, you are not alone. This is a stressful time for everyone. Luckily, so many past NDP girls have been through this and survived, so we know it’s possible. One way to help with being overwhelmed is to talk to your teachers. They are truly there to help you succeed, and most of the time, if you express your overwhelmed and stressed-out feelings to them, they can help you by giving extensions or extra support. Something that helps me calm down is taking time out of my day to read, watch TV, or just do something that I enjoy. This helps me clear my mind, so I can focus better on my homework and studying. Another thing you can do to help calm down is make a schedule for your week. You can look at which days are the least stressful for you, and then you can dedicate those days to college searching. I know this stress feels like the end of the world, but just know it will get better and the stress will eventually subside. I hope this helps!


“How do I meet guys while at an all-girls school?” – Lonely Lola

Shirley: Hey Lola, you are asking the wrong person. I accidentally “homewrecked” a date to a dance freshman year and also just got rejected last month when asking a guy to AA. Be eternally grateful this year that there are football games and actual events with boys’ schools. Here’s my advice: if you want something to happen, you got to make it happen. Guys are horrible at making any kind of move.

Shelly: The best way to meet guys in my experience is through your friends. Talk to them and see if they know anybody, and if not, you can always rely on Snapchat or Instagram to start talking to new people.

Sheila: Dear Lonely Lola, going to an all-girls school means that you have to put in extra work to meet boys. This can be hard and annoying. In order to meet new people, you have to take advantage of events like games, NDP dances, and mixers at other schools. This will allow you to meet lots of boys, and then (hopefully) you will start to get invited to their dances, and then you can meet more boys. Meeting boys is all about networking and making connections. You should always be openminded to new friends, and never burn bridges. Coming from NDP, a lot of us tend to act a little crazy around boys (myself included) because we are not used to seeing them every day. Although you hear this all of the time, my best advice for you is to be yourself. Boys will want to be friends (or more than friends) with someone who is kind, calm, and outgoing. Good luck with the search!


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