Review: “Fatima” is a Beautifully Portrayed Reminder to Our World


Image via IMDb

Movie poster for “Fatima.”

Emily Thomas, Social Media Coordinator

In 1917, an atheistic, secular government that would have nothing to do with “superstitions,” including the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima, controlled Portugal. The movie “Fatima”, released on August 28, follows the story of the three young children who witnessed the Blessed Mother’s appearances and their struggles to share Mary’s message. The theme of the movie is relevant to the current issues we face in our country and around the world, although we don’t find ourselves in the same exact situation.

To begin with, the scenery and costumes are aesthetically pleasing and beautifully portrayed. Several scenes show the beauty and peace nature brings, allowing for some reflection between the deeper, more intense action. Directed by Marco Pontecorvo, “Fatima” is very authentic and real. Pontecorvo portrays the supernatural in a familiar setting that is not cheesy. The audience does not see Mary as some unapproachable figure, but as an inviting and tender mother. Mary’s aura is one of purity, the simple dress emphasizing her gentleness.

In addition to the three children, Lucia dos Santos and her cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, each character has their own set of struggles. We see the distress of Maria, Lucia’s mother, throughout the film as she doubts the power of prayer and the safety of her son. The audience also gets a glimpse into the mayor’s family struggles, making the film relatable to the doubts we all face.

Although the movie is wonderful for those who are familiar with Marian apparitions or the story of Fatima, it may leave many questions for nonbelievers. This is certainly not an exciting action film, but one that allows for reflection on past and current events.

This movie does not have a feel-good, angels-singing theme. The message of “Fatima” is one that is difficult to hear, but very necessary. Once again, I give praise to the natural feel of the movie. Personally, after watching this movie, I feel at peace. The message Mary brings us is not one we want to hear, but I am comforted by the fact that we have a heavenly mother watching over us.