A Review of Coffeehouse 2022


Leah Stuart

Abby (Left) and Becca (Right) performing at Coffeehouse

Tricia Kohler, Staff Writer

A few weeks ago, on April 12th, 2022, Coffeehouse was in full motion after a year-long hiatus. With Coffeehouse relocated to the dining hall with coffee, ice cream, and desserts, everything looked a lot different from last year’s Coffeehouse. Lots of people came to watch their fellow sisters as they performed. Ranging from singers to gymnasts, everyone performed something special.

Everyone who performed at Coffeehouse had a fantastic performance. A variety of talent was present on and off the stage. There were homemade desserts from C2 Creamery, owned by Claire and Chloe McGarvey who whipped up some amazing ice cream, and Desserts by Dierdre baked some delicious treats. Sophomore Becca Meyers and Senior Abby Meyers, the sister duo, performed a beautiful song called “Two Voices One Song.” Another singing duo with Juniors Charlie Corey and Chloe LaCanfora sang “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty.” Some incredibly talented musicians performed, instruments ranging from the guitar to the violin. Freshman Jahniya Isabel Braga played a beautiful piece on the violin. Junior Kaye Tubal played the guitar along with Freshmen Abbey and Campbell Diffendall. On the opposite side of performances, we had two Freshmen, Caroline Flynn and Olivia Eikenberg who performed a gymnastics routine that took everyone’s breath away. Finally, a very special guest came to perform for the crowd and sang “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. That special guest was our very own Dr. Pellechia! Overall, it was an extremely successful Coffeehouse.

As a Sophomore, I’ve attended two Coffeehouses during my time here at NDP. Last year’s Coffeehouse was completely different from this year’s, and in the best way possible. I was not sure what to expect when I decided to attend this year’s Coffeehouse since a lot has changed in the last year, but I am very glad that I attended. I cannot wait to return next year. I highly recommend that next year, you decide to attend the 2022-2023 Coffeehouse. You will be blown away by the amount of talent that your NDP sisters have.