New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Kirsten Pizzico, Staff Writer

The new year is a time for many things. It is the start of new beginnings, new friendships, and new memories that will affect the rest of everyone’s lives. New year’s resolutions are what form the premise of goals set for the upcoming year ahead. They help to guide hopes and dreams for the next year and what is wished to be accomplished. Especially in high school, there is much determination to get things done in order to ensure an optimal future. However, it can be hard sometimes to create the perfect resolutions for the new year. It can help to take advice from others on ways to go through the year the most preferred way possible. Especially for freshman, it can be difficult to come up with resolutions, being new to high school and figuring out ways to maintain a healthy and happy year.

In order to help those who need guidance in forming their own new year’s resolutions, here are some that may be helpful this new year of 2022. One idea could be finding a specific number of days a month to spend time with family and friends. This ensures that one can maintain a healthy relationship with those they care about, while also not interfering with work and relax time. This leads into another idea: making schedules each day that go according to workloads. It can really help destress a day by setting up an amount of time to do work, but also incorporate down time in between. This can make sure that all the work can be done, but also not overwhelm because there is specified time for relaxation.

Although it is very healthy to maintain important relationships with others, it is also important to maintain your bodily health. It can very beneficial physically and mentally to make time to work your body and mind. This could be finding time a few days a week to visit the gym, go for a run, or maybe do yoga. A similar idea could be taking time to go outside or go on a walk. It is extremely healthy to spend time outside and is essential to clear the mind and do something for oneself every so often. Another more personal resolution that makes the most out of a year is trying new things. Promising to do something new is exiting and can spark motivation. This could be doing something spontaneous every month, or just as simple as trying a new food every now and then. It could be trying a new sport or joining a club. A very cathartic resolution is reorganizing. It is very refreshing to fix things up once in a while and get organized. Sometimes rearranging things one’s bedroom or getting cabinets to clear clutter can help destress.

Something that could really help one’s future as a new year’s resolution is saving money or learning work ethic in an occupational environment. That is where life skills are learned and saving money can ensure a better chance at being able to attend that very prestigious college or get a plane ticket to the desired visiting place. One of the most important goals that should be set each year is taking time for yourself to do what you love. This is essential to happiness and could also include any or all of the above ideas. Doing what one loves is what truly motivates them to do well and have the best year possible. It takes courage to do what one loves but is worth it and can really make the year.