Sisterly Advice: Edition 3

From your “experts”: Sharon, Karen, and Carol


Sharon, Karen, and Carol

I have a crazy friend who is always doing crazy things! How do I get her to chill out without sounding unchill? <3 — Krazy Krissy 

Krazy Krissy- This one is a real challenge. I can only think of one thing: handcuffs and shackles. — Sharon 

Krazy Krissy, try to meditate with her. That should calm her down. If that doesn’t work, however, I suggest mentioning offhandedly that she acts in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. If that still doesn’t work, sit down have a heart-to-heart conversation. — Karen

Dear Krazy Krissy, This is a hard question. Try and talk to this friend just the two of you and tell her how her crazy behavior makes you feel. Honesty is almost always the best option. But, if you feel that your honesty wouldn’t be well received, try to casually suggest other options if she says she is going to do something crazy. (..not sure what else to say..) — Carol

What’s the best dish to make when it’s cold outside? — [name removed]

[Name], I like eating corn from the frozen aisle. The tip is to eat it nice and cold from the bag. Bon appetit! — Sharon 



1 cup milk (any kind) 

1/3 cup granulated sugar 

1 teaspoon vanilla extract, store-bought or homemade

  • 1 pinch salt 
  • 8 cups clean snow or shaved ice (more or less depending on the density of the snow) 
  • optional (but strongly suggested) topping: sprinkles!!! 


  1. In a large bowl, whisk milk, sugar, vanilla, and salt together until combined.  
  2. Go scoop up some fresh (clean!) snow, and immediately stir it into the milk mixture until you reach your desired consistency. (The ice cream should be fluffy, not runny.  But it melts quickly, so dive in quickly.) 
  3. Top with sprinkles or other ice cream toppings if desired and enjoy! 

*Eat at your own risk, with clean snow 

Dear [Name], I like hot chocolate or soup. — Carol


I feel like me and the people I’m hanging out with don’t have the same interests and can be negative sometimes, and I feel kind of trapped. They seem to get weird when I talk to other people. How can I distance myself from them and create new relationships late in the year? — Desperate Terry 

Terry, You’ll need a yardstick, a plane ticket, and a lot of courage.  — Sharon

Terry, If they are your true friends, they will support you if you choose to develop new relationships. And if they don’t support you, it is time to find new friends. Try branching out, try new things. Join a new club or pick up a hobby. Hang out with people who like the same activities. Just remember: Good friends are those who will stick with you through thick and thin, and will be there for you in both hard and happy times alike. Friends should have a positive influence on your life, not a negative one.  — Karen

Dear Desperate Terry, I would try to reach out to new people in your classes. Maybe try sitting next to someone new or starting a conversation about something casual (like homework) with someone at your table. There are plenty of girls in your classes who are probably nice and more positive, so try to become friends with them. You could also join a club or sports team at school. That is a great way to meet people and form great friendships.  — Carol

What does your Mii look like? — Wii Enthusiast

 Wii Enthusiast, A fantastic question! I have dedicated much of my time to carefully crafting Miis. I’d say my most precious creation is “Penguin.” Pale, black shirt, a nose that looks like a beak. Can you imagine a more perfect man? — Sharon 

My Mii is nonexistent because my Wii caught on fire and broke. But thanks for asking. — Karen

It looks like me, thank you for asking. — Carol


How do I swim on land? Mrs. Byrd talked about dryland practice but I need to be in water to survive. — Dryland Daisy 

Dryland Daisy, One word: Jackhammer — Sharon 

Daisy, try to swim on land and see how it goes! I have yet to find out if it is possible and I’m curious. Maybe you could create a Dryland Swimming Team? — Karen

Dear Dryland Daisy, I am not a swimmer myself but I believe that dryland refers to workouts that you do on land. You do sit-ups, push-ups, and other strength training that will help you when you get back into the water. Good luck! — Carol


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