International Women’s Day

Alexandra Docken, Staff Writer

As many of you may remember, International Women’s Day was March 8th. For me, being the raging feminist that I am, this day means a lot to me. My dad questioned the validity of the “holiday,” asking why it was necessary to have it on the calendar. I responded by explaining that every day is “Men’s Day” in our society.

We’re all aware of the oppression that women have faced through history, and how so many strong females of past generations have fought back. However, there is still progress to be made. One of the most basic of these is the wage gap, but it goes all the way to changing the mentality so deeply ingrained in the citizens of our global community. Long have we been told that all are created equal, and that no one is above another. However, it seems as though this message doesn’t ring through in many partisan legislations and basic societal functions. Women should not have to feel dehumanized by doing daily tasks such as walking down the street to her job or being fearful of the clothing she chooses to wear. Yet, this is the world in which we have grown up. We have to work a little harder, fight a little stronger, and talk a little louder to be heard.

March 8th was dedicated not only to the women of the past, but the women of the present and future. Our mothers, who have broken the glass ceiling, pushing boundaries in their career fields, and us, the rebellious patriarchy-slaying teenagers that we are. Not only was it a day to celebrate, but also one to bring light to our protests for fundamental justice: girl’s education, access to clean water, fair pay, trafficking and rape laws, and control over our own lives.

Here at NDP, we paid tribute to women in STEM fields with wanted posters hung though the hallways, women’s history books displayed in the library, and multiple themed activities in class.

No matter your stance on the issue, support one another, love who you are, and strive for what you want in the world without putting up with the unfair obstacles in your way. Because of you, one day in the future, equality will be ours.

Thank you to all the wonderful role models we have at home, school, and society. We look up to you.