Sisterly Advice: Edition I


Sharon, Karen, and Carol

1. Do all these questions get answered or what? –Ya Gurl

Sharon: Hey Ya Gurl, We read all of them and choose a few to do each week. If your question doesn’t get answered this week, check back next week!

Karen: Dear Ya Gurl, we try to answer every question, unless they are not asking for advice or are not relevant, or if we do not think we would be able to adequately answer them.

Carol: Ya Gurl, as Karen said, we read all of your questions and pick the ones that are the most relevant and appropriate for our column. You can read our responses every week on The Gateway.


2. ‘Oh! I coulda dropped my croissant.’ ‘Road Work ahead? I sure hope it does.’ ‘Look at those chickens.’ ‘Merry Chrysler’ – everybody kept saying that around Christmas time. I don’t have a Chrysler car, what is this? Are they making fun of me because I have a Chevy? Why are people always quoting these things? What are they??? –Confused Cassandra

Sharon: Hi, Confused Cassandra, good question! These are what the kids refer to as “Vines.” They are digital six-second videos that are now viewed in the form of “RIP Vine compilations.” But yes, they are definitely making fun of your Chevy…I would look into that.

Karen: They are an extinct art form, rare and created by poets. Cherish Vines forever. (Also remember to get to Del Taco, they have fre sha va ca do) 

Carol: Dear Confused Cassandra, These are called Vines, which Sharon did a good job of defining as six-second videos. They were about pretty random things and the platform for sharing them is now dead. People are keeping them alive by quoting them constantly. If you want to see an example, try watching a Vine compilation on YouTube. 


3. How do I get boys to notice me? 🙁 –Forever Alone

Sharon: Forever Alone – One word: Stilts.

Karen: Forever Alone, you do you. The right person will find you someday, and in the meantime, focus on your interests and do what makes you happy.

Carol: Dear Forever Alone, I know this is going to sound cliché, but just be yourself. If you try to be someone different to be noticed, the boy is not going to end up liking the real you,  which is going to create problems in the long run. That said, it’s always good to be friendly and smile a lot. Try starting a conversation with a boy. Ask him about himself and as you get to know him, he will get to know you. Don’t be afraid to initiate. Good luck!


4. Are grades the most important thing at NDP? –Lovely Lucy

Sharon: Lovely Lucy – Definitely not! It’s the muffins.

Carol: Dear Lovely Lucy, Sometimes it may feel like grades are the most important thing at NDP, but I promise you they aren’t! While it is important to always do your best, try not to let grades ruin your high school experience. Getting involved in the NDP community by joining a club, playing a sport, or just enjoying the many traditions NDP has to offer is just as important. Try to find a balance between classes/grades and extracurriculars. It’s important to enjoy yourself in high school, too!

Karen: Lovely Lucy, I’m with Carol on this one. I would say although grades are important, they are just numbers in the end, and numbers cannot fully encompass who a person is. Become involved in clubs, find a hobby, and spend time with your friends! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and set aside time to treat yo self.