Guest Review of The Little Mermaid

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Where is life better? “Under the Sea”, of course, in Spectrum Christian’s production of The Little Mermaid! The intricate set, unique lighting, and creative actors, helped to bring the story to life for the audience, producing a lovely production. The tactics the actors used to convey their characters to the audience made for an inventive and imaginative production of the Little Mermaid.


Disney’s The Little Mermaid is based on the original Hans- Christian Anderson fairy tale telling of the story. The musical debuted on Broadway in 2007, starring Sierra Boggess as Ariel. The show tells the story of a young mermaid, named Ariel, who desperately wants to explore and discover aspects of the human world. After her father’s disapproval of her actions, she visits the Sea Witch, Ursula, who offers to give her human legs in exchange for her gorgeous singing voice. Over the duration of three days, Ariel must share true love’s kiss with Prince Eric in order to remain human forever and regain her voice. If she does not succeed, she will become a pawn of Ursula for eternity. Throughout the story, Ariel discovers a new world above with the help of her friends under the sea, and learns valuable lessons on the journey. The story concludes with her marriage to Prince Eric, joining together the kingdoms under and above the ocean waters.


Theodore Gwathmey captivated the audience as Chef Louis. From the moment he appeared on stage, his immediate energy and presence provided instant comedic relief and made him an extreme highlight of the production. His movement on stage appeared effortless, yet skilled, as he entertained the audience with splits, the brisk chopping of food, and his determination to catch the relentless Sebastian. Payten Blake as Adela performed her role as one of Ariel’s Mersisters with ease and humor. Her believable acting and impeccable comedic timing made her a standout in the ensemble of Mersisters.


The lighting and set helped to enhance the work of the actors during the production. From the sturdy wooden ship in the beginning of the production, to the Prince’s castle towards the end of the show, the set provided a beautiful visionary for the audience. The costumes were equally as intricate, and helped to further reveal the personalities of each character.


In Spectrum Christian’s production of The Little Mermaid, the actors’ hard- work and passion for the art of musical theatre was displayed indisputably to every seat in the auditorium. The energy and enthusiasm of each person contributed to a vibrant and original production. The use of lighting, costumes, and set pieces, with the combination of the actors’ energy and passion, transformed the production into a Disney fantasy of its own. Bring your family and friends to witness Spectrum Christian’s production of the Little Mermaid! You will truly feel “Part of their world.”



by Sophie Stromberg of South Carroll

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