How to Survive the SAT


Kate Morrison, Staff Writer

I recently took the SAT, and not long after, the PSAT, like many other seniors, juniors, sophomores, and perhaps even some very ambitious freshmen. Forbidden from saying anything about the tests’ material themselves (I swore in cursive!), I can’t give much information, but having taken both of these tests, I can give some advice. For those looking to take the SAT later this year or be prepared for the PSAT next year, here are some tips:

1. Practice- Practice makes perfect. This is especially true of these tests, practicing can really make a difference by preparing you for the types of questions you will typically see on the test. I recommend that practice booklet NDP sends home. Even if you just skim over it because your mother makes you, like yours truly, it helps.

2. Take it one piece at a time- Both the SAT and the PSAT are over three hours, and that can be slightly panic-inducing. If you just focus on the section you’re doing, it will make the test go faster. Taking it in small portions can also help calm your nerves, which brings us to step 3.

3. Relax- This is probably the most crucial point of all. I know when taking these tests, it’s easy to be tense and nervous, but try as hard as you can to relax. Take some deep breaths, think of something calming, or do something else that eases your anxiety (preferably not yoga, it could be seen as a distraction by some).

There you go, 3 tips to take with you to the testing room. Best of luck!