A Scorching Success


Kate Morrison, Staff Writer

After the smashing success of The Maze Runner, I was eager to view the next installment of the self-titled series. When I sat down in the theatre to see The Scorch Trials, however, I was really only expecting a few things. Lots of running, sand, sweat, and, of course, the ever so handsome Dylan O’Brien. By the time the lights came up, not only were my hopes satisfied, but the movie went beyond my mediocre expectations. The plot, though slightly lacking and a little hard to follow, allowed for the characters to become more developed, and I found myself becoming invested in their quest for survival. The movie was full of twists and turns, with extremely suspenseful moments that, on more than one occasion, caused me to jump in my seat. The actors all did a brilliant job, especially Dylan O’Brien, playing the lead role, Thomas, with confidence and resilience. I was also pleasantly surprised by Rosa Salazar, the actress portraying the role of Brenda, a girl Thomas and his friends meet in the Scorch. I initially had my doubts, because she looked nothing like I imagined her to be, based off the book. However, Salazar pulled off the personality effortlessly, playing the tough and fearless girl so well that I forgot my previous misgivings. A great movie full of action and emotion, I would definitely recommend it!