Bookworms on Campus


Maddie Tewey, Student Life Writer

Do you have books that desperately need discussing? Want new friends as into literature as you are? Do you like food? Then, Book Club is the perfect place for you! Being relatively small, Book Club is a great place to meet people like Marcy Guerra, who says, “I have met so many people from different grades, and they haven’t been scary at all.” A constant buzz of chat about new books and stories can always be heard from the members of Book Club, and they love this club like nothing else! Their discussions range through all kinds of genres from fantasy to sci-fi, and an appreciation for all books is shared throughout the club. If the dedication to literature was not enough, the food is also delectable. Pizza, cookies, and brownies are always available in their meeting room. Next year’s president of Book Club is also reportedly planning to expand their activities by adding events like field trips, such as a possible trip to the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. In any case, Book Club is a fast-growing and endlessly fun club, so look out for them in years to come!