Junior Year Joys


Olivia Connolly, Reviews Writer

“Back-to-school” is a phrase often met with mixed emotions. There are the people who actually ADORE school and can’t wait to start. Some are dreading it like the plague. And then there are the people like me, who are excited for some things, but definitely not looking forward to the “daily grind.”

However, as a member of the class of 2015, there’s a lot for me to await. Junior year is hailed as the hardest and most important year in high school. But in addition to the challenging academics, many fun and exciting events will be occurring.

First, there is the simple pleasure of knowing that you are an upper-classwoman, and there are really no worries of getting lost or the challenges of adjusting to a new environment. Junior Retreat is an amazing time for classes to bond on a weekend trip. Then later on in the month of November, Juniors will receive their rings- which is just possibly the most thrilling event of the high school years. Of course, this is accompanied by the long-awaited ring dance, where all the girls will show off their unique dresses, many picked out far in advance; it is a day to celebrate accomplishment as well as future hopes. Then, of course, there are the AP classes, honor societies, sports teams, clubs, and leadership positions to excel in.  In the second half of the school year, we will have the chance to test our knowledge with the SATs. Perhaps not very exciting, but important nonetheless, as everyone begins to prepare for college.

This now brings me to the biggest aspect of Junior year- college! Never has one simple word implied so many hopes, dreams, fears, and hard work. The prospect of the collegiate life is exhilarating. The hours of applications and forms and tests- not so much. But through it all, the Junior class will be guided by the college counselors, well-intentioned family and friends, and supported by their NDP family.

So while you still may have some back-to-school blues, I hope you now have something to anxiously await. Good luck, Juniors!