Michael’s Restaurant

Anna Bowman, Feature Editor

Superb, exquisite and delectable are all words that can be used to describe Michael’s unique cuisine and service. Upon arrival I was greeted warmly by a hostess who led me and my family to our booth in the bar with a smile. The waitress immediately took our drink orders upon sitting down and promptly brought us our drinks. The music in the bar was unexpected. Instead of the annoying pop/rap hybrid music most restaurant/bars favor, Michaels leaned toward a much welcome mixture of classic rock and 90s’ alternative. The menu was extensive and easy to read while still remaining decorative and fun. My family and I ordered an oyster sandwich, BLT and a cheese burger. The cheese burger was cooked to order and excellent in taste. The oyster sandwich was marinated in a special secret sauce that complimented the sandwich without overpowering the oyster. The BLT was satisfactory but lacked the option of having turkey bacon in place of regular bacon. Overall, the food, ambiance and service were excellent and completely worth the trip. If you have not already, I encourage you to visit Michael’s Restaurant on York Road in Timonium.