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Catholic Education Reflection: Morgan Malishchak

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“Nosotros somos amigas mejores,” or “We are best friends,” were the soft words whispered into my ear by Natalie, a little Salvadoran girl in the small community of Ignacio Ellacuria. The whole community was walking out of Palm Sunday mass when she grabbed my hand and smiled, sparking our immediate friendship.

This and many other moments like these were only possible because of my Catholic schooling, and I can’t positively say I would be able to be involved in the same service experiences without my education. Attending Catholic school for my whole educational career has reinforced my love of service and taught me at a young age the importance of giving back in appreciation for the many blessings throughout my life.

Catholic education has strengthened my faith and connection to God, and has made me feel as if God has put me here to serve others. I see service as the perfect approach to assist others and to give them the opportunities I have always been blessed with, all while having fun, traveling to places I might otherwise never see, and encountering incredible people, such as Natalie, who I might otherwise never meet.

My parents have given up so much in order for my sisters and me to attend Catholic school, but I can proudly say that we involve ourselves in activities that ultimately not only benefit ourselves, but hopefully influence those around us too. Catholic education has taught me far more than how to read, write, and compute difficult math problems, but instead has enriched my life in ways unimaginable and taught me to understand the importance of serving others.

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Catholic Education Reflection: Morgan Malishchak