Cyber Security Awareness Month

Kirsten Pizzico, Staff Writer

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It was nationally created so that citizens would gain more awareness about the dangers on the internet and how to protect themselves from potential network threats.

Cyber Security Awareness Month is meant to raise awareness surrounding digital security. It is not necessarily a time to celebrate, but a period of time that helps others become aware and learn about how to protect themselves from online risks. One way to stay safe this month is by taking time to update online passwords. Passwords that are secure include those with 12-18 characters and contain letters, numbers, and a symbol or two. Passwords like this can be used and do not need changing, but those that are easy to guess like a simple numerical order of digits, a birthday, or a pet’s name should be changed immediately. They are not secure because these kinds of passwords are very common. It is very easy for hackers to access information with shorter and generic password types.

Another way to stay safe is by updating software. The more often the software is updated, the more secure and up-to-date it is, and it’s less likely that` hackers can access personal information. One important thing to look out for is phishing. This is a method online hackers use to lure people into clicking links or going to websites that allow hackers a way into personal online databases. One way to avoid being phished is by not clicking on any mysterious looking websites or links sent to a personal email by unknown senders. If the web address on the link does not belong to a legitimate website or email, do not click on it. Instead, report it so that others will not be fooled or subjected to the same thing.

There are many ways to stay safe this month, so take the time to make sure to be secure in the online world. There are many websites and articles out there that have more information on how to stay safe and prevent online dangers from occurring. By following these tips, some major steps can be taken in the right direction to stay in the clear from hackers. Remember to be aware in the online community, and even spread awareness with others. October is a month of excitement and joy, so it should be kept that way. Stay safe, stay aware, and stay away from online risks.

6 Tips to Stay Safe during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month