Brave Nellie Saves Mr. Ellis From Sasquatch Attack


Nellie after saving Mr. Ellis.

Paige Garczynski, Staff Writer

This past Sunday evening, social studies teacher Mr. Ellis was peacefully walking his beloved pooch, Nellie, through the sidewalks of his neighborhood. As he rounded a corner, turning back toward his house, dusk began to settle. He breathed in the fresh evening air, smiling at the nice weather and the thought of torturing his APUSH students first thing the next day. Mr. Ellis chuckled at his inner monologue, but quickly, his laughter stopped short; unfortunately for the poor history teacher, karma must have caught up to him. Standing at the edge of his driveway, he thought he was hallucinating, yet this was real life.

Yes, it was clear that none other than Sasquatch was sitting on his porch, devouring the delicious meatloaf that Mrs. Ellis had prepared for dinner. Mr. Ellis abruptly stopped, looking upon the figure in disbelief and horror. Like most, he had only ever seen Bigfoot in the movies. Mr. Ellis, paralyzed with fear, just stood staring at the massive creature. Luckily, the noble and brave Nellie knew just what to do. The fearless dog sprang into action, ferociously scaring the beast off the Mr. Ellis property and away from Maryland for good.

On Sunday, Nellie saved not only the meatloaf but the lives of her parents and all the neighborhood residents. Tonight, Nellie will be hailed a hero for her courage in the face of peril, as she receives special recognition from the President of the United States on live television. Notre Dame Preparatory School will be hosting a meatloaf dinner watch party of the ceremony at 8:00 p.m. in the cafeteria, catered by Cristi Barry Cuisine. Nellie will also be making an appearance and will be available on a question and answer panel, with a limited amount of time following the panel to sign autographs. The entire NDP community is grateful for Nellie’s valor and her service in protecting the community!