NDP Welcomes Dr. Pellechia!

Dr. Victor Pellechia is the new Upper Level Director at NDP. We got to interview Dr. Pellechia and get to know him inside and outside of school. As we learned new things about him and got to know him a little bit more, he got to know us as students and a little more about the environment and life at NDP.

Dr. Pellechia loves to spend time with his three children outside of school. He has a daughter who is eleven and in sixth grade, another daughter who is five and in kindergarten, and a son who is three and in preschool. His wife’s name is Kathleen. He likes to play golf and go to the gym. He enjoys relaxing on the weekends and watching movies with his family.

Before coming to NDP, Dr. Pellechia worked as the Principal at Our Lady of Perpetual Help for seven years. It is a pre-k to eighth grade school with around 235-240 students. He was also an administrator at St. Louis in Clarksville for three years, which was where he started as an administrator. He began his career as a high school teacher in campus ministry, similar to Ms. Keady’s job or Mr. Pomplon’s job. He loved all of his previous jobs, but he felt a strong calling to take another look at a high school career and felt NDP could be a great new opportunity for him.

While Dr. Pellechia has worked at many school’s before, NDP is his first job at an all-girls school. People find it interesting and a little funny because growing up, Dr. Pellechia was the oldest of five boys. Other than his two daughters, he doesn’t have a lot of experience with girls, especially at the age of high school. So far, he has loved NDP and the spirit here. He sees something special in the sisterhood with the interactions of all the girls.

Dr. Pellechia is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the Upper Level. Dr. Pellechia’s position is new; however, there has been a Director for the Middle Level. He works on scheduling, attendance, and everything having to do with students’ enrollment at NDP. He does help with running drills and overseeing academics and programs for the Upper Level. He hopes to get to know students well during these four important years of our lives. He finds that relationships here are important because there is no other school like us, so wants to make sure we get the best NDP experience we can.

Dr. Pellechia is looking forward to seeing the tradition of Gym Meet and how it works. He has heard so much about it and knows it is a very special part of NDP. He loves traditions; he even did his doctoral research on the values and traditions schools have that are so unique to them and their identity. Dr. Pellechia also loves trying new things. He loves technology, so he is looking forward to the new innovation wing that will be used for all the engineering classes and digital classes. He sees many opportunities opening up for us and new things we can try.

We were so lucky to interview Dr. Pellechia and get to know him and his new job here at NDP! We are excited to get to know him throughout the years and see what he has in store for NDP.