NDP’s Egg Drop Competition 2018


Siandra Chelapurath, Staff Writer

Last Saturday, NDP held its 10th Egg Drop Competition. This was a great way for girls to get involved and explore the different areas in STEAM. Both elementary and middle schools girls participated, though they held different competitions. The girls who were in elementary school were placed in Division 1 and the girls who were in middle school were placed in Division 2. Each team consisted of three to four girls who worked together to build their own entry. They has to design an entry that would protect the egg(s) from breaking when dropped from around four meters high off the ground.

The competition also included a surprise engineering challenge, where the girls were given cups and clothes pegs to build the tallest tower that they could. The scores of this challenge were added into each team’s final score. The Division 1 winners were awarded an Echo Dot and the winners of Division 2 were awarded a tuition scholarship that would go along with their acceptance to Notre Dame Prep and a gift card for iTunes. Because creativity was also judged, one team from each division was awarded Most Creative Entry.

I was given the opportunity to help out at the Egg Drop Competition as a volunteer along with 180 NDP girls. We helped judge and calculate the score for each team for both divisions. It was an amazing experience to watch all the girls build their own unique and creative entry. It was interesting to see the various amount of materials that they used to build their design. The Egg Drop Competition was an exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to helping out again next year