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Women’s March on Washington; a Journey in Photos

Marianna Ghirardelli, Photographer

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Marianna Ghirardelli
9: 05 AM The Silver Spring DC Metro Station was the entry point for many to join the Women’s March on Washington, DC on January 21, 2017. Women (and some strong and pink-clad men) loaded onto a metro car excited for the day ahead.

Marianna Ghirardelli
10:03 AM Ascending to the street level outside of the L’Enfant DC Metro Station, I looked around at the surrounding buildings. The first one I saw was the Capitol building shrouded in American flags and surrounded by American citizens exercising their right to protest.

Marianna Ghirardelli
11:25 AM These signs toted by citizens expressing their thoughts and beliefs signaled the revival of a movement. The Women’s Rights Movement has been a part of American history for about a century. That movement that brought us the 19th Amendment and female votes rose up again all across the country and the world to remind the ever-present patriarchy that we are here and ready to fight for our rights…again.

Marianna Ghirardelli
11:37 AM The Women’s March on Washington, DC was a march of unity. The idea of a wall between USA and Mexico is impractical and a pure device for disconnect and divide. This sign held high above the heads of marchers promotes connection and communication.

Marianna Ghirardelli
2:48 PM The Women’s March on Washington officially began as my fellow empowered citizens and I walked from 7th and Independence towards the White House. A young female marcher holds on to the light post and proudly raises her hand in the sign language sign for the phrase “I Love You.”

3:17 PM That building gives and upholds our American rights every day. On January 21, people put those rights of free assembly and free speech to work.

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  1. Sarah Myers on February 5th, 2017 8:16 pm

    Great pix! Great words! Thanks so much!

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Women’s March on Washington; a Journey in Photos