Dance Day Assembly 2016


Ally Ewers, Staff Writer

The theme of this year’s Dance Day Assembly was “Around the World.” By hearing the reactions of the audience, you could also say that it was out of this world. Several styles of dance were featured in the assembly, including hip-hop, acrobatics, can-can, tap, and lyrical. International dances included pieces from Hungary, Ireland, France, and India.

One crowd favorite was the family trio of Piper, Lucy, and Madison Laudeman. By performing an Irish dance to the contemporary song of “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody,” these sisters brought down the house in their high socks and synchronized steps. Maddie said, “I was so nervous to perform, so it felt so great when I heard my friends cheering for me.” Another noteworthy performance was the modern twist on  traditional Bollywood dance performed by Sruthi Surendran, Sydni Thomas, Brianna Abraham, Maya Babu, and twins Elbretta Chelapurath and Siandra Chelapurath .  This group garnered a well-deserved standing ovation after their upbeat performance.

Anne Marie Pascoe is the director of the Dance Day Assembly. She says, “[The assembly] is a great way for the girls to show off their talents.” When asked about the origin of the theme, she mentioned that she took into account the many talents of our girls, especially the Irish and Bollywood dancers.

As any performer knows, it is the little details that can make or break a show. The dancer’s costumes were very colorful and moved beautifully as they were dancing. The production’s unsung heroes were the stage crew, who kept the performance running smoothly with flawless audio and lighting.

The Dance Day Assembly has been named by many as the best assembly of the year, as it showcases the wide range of talents of NDP.