The Newest Addition to the Apple Family

Meg Zink , Co-Editor

In recent news, Apple has announced they are going to launch a new project, the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is the newest highly anticipated project and has created a lot of buzz in the media. The tech company announced the creation of the watch last September, and since then, Apple users have been following the story closely wondering what will it look like? And will I want to buy it? Well, since then, the models and prices of those models have been revealed, so now people can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy the Apple Watch? Recently, Apple answered customers’ biggest questions about the Watch. So what is the deal with this highly anticipated Watch?

First off, the presale for the Watch begins on April 10th and will go for sale online on April 24th so unfortunately, you won’t be finding an Apple Watch in your Easter basket this year. Also, there will be 3 different collections of the Watch. The cheapest model is the Apple Watch Sport. The Apple Watch Sport is estimated to cost about $349-$399. The watch itself, will come in silver and gray.  Another model is the normal Apple Watch. It will cost around $549-$1,049, and the watch comes in silver or a glossy black. The price depends on which band is purchased.  The priciest model is the Apple Watch Edition. This watch comes in gold or rose gold. The watch will cost over $10,000. For each watch, there are several different types of bands that can be purchased. These bands include a metal band, a rubber sport band, a magnetic leather band, a regular leather band, and flexible metal magnetic band. Some other details to know about the watch are that it has an 18 hour battery life, and that in order to connect to the internet, the watch must be connected to an iPhone 5 or newer.

The watch also has some very interesting features. These feature include a heart rate monitor to be used during workouts. The watch will also “tap” its wearers when they have a new notification. Some of the default apps include calendar, maps, and reminders. Also, other apps will be created for the watch by other third party companies, the same way apps are created for the iPhone.

Is the Apple Watch worth buying? Will it get rave reviews? Only time will tell whether the Apple Watch is a total success or a total flop.


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