The CCAP Dance

Bridget McGuire, Lifestyle Writer

The building was abuzz after school on Friday, November 1st. Members of CCAP flocked to the cafeteria and began decorating for a special event later that night. Strings of lights were hung, tables were moved, windows were painted, and huge bouquets of star-shaped balloons in blue and silver were placed near the doorways. More girls ran inside carrying cases of water that were being collected all week. All of the girls who were not preparing the building for this special event were at home or a friend’s house getting ready. What was this event? The CCAP dance.

The CCAP dance was very festive, and I think it was a success. The dance was for both sophomores and freshmen, and the theme for this year was “Starry Night.” The cafeteria was decorated beautifully. It was mainly lit up by lights that strung around the entire top border of the cafeteria, which gave it the “starry night” effect.

The trend of the night for dresses seemed to be dark colors. Black, purple, dark blue, and some metallic colors were some of the most popular choices. The styles and patterns of the dresses were very different, and each dress was original in its own way.

Everyone had a great time at the CCAP dance! I wonder what the theme will be next year…

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