NDP Open House 2013

Waking up at ten o’clock, watching TV, going to a sports game, or seeing a movie. Basically, this is the norm for the general population of America when Saturday rolls around. But on Saturday, October 19th, NDP is doing anything but the norm. Students from all grade levels and teachers from all subjects come together to show off NDP, and all it has to offer. On the Friday before Open House, the excitement from students and faculty alike is tangible. Middle or Upper Level, teacher or student, everyone seems delighted to share what NDP has to offer with every girl out there.
For three years in a row, I have participated in NDP’s Open House and have loved every minute of it. But unlike everyone else, I have had the privilege of working in the Middle Level art room with the Middle Level art teacher, Mrs. Leitch. I have printed, sculpted, and painted for these last three years, and I have memorized the speech Mrs. Leitch gives to everyone who passes through her classroom. I consider it a blessing to have been able to do what I love for three years in a row. But this year, we had such an overflow of people coming to take the Middle Level tour, students helping teachers in their classrooms were asked to give tours. Even some freshmen that had been in the Middle Level for 6th through 8th grade were asked to give tours! And, since I was one of those students working in a classroom, I was pulled to give a tour of my very own!
This was quite a surprise for me. Even though I had worked at Open House the prior two years, I had never, ever, given a tour. We had gone on the tour with our advisories earlier in the week, but when I was actually asked to help with an actual tour, I was extremely nervous. When the time came, I think I was shaking! But as I started the tour, I began to feel more and more calm. ‘This is your school!’ I thought to myself. ‘Just tell them what you think of NDP. You love it!’ This could not be more true. Even though I was nervous, I developed a sense of ease because I love NDP, and it came to a point like I was just talking to a friend about something I loved! It also helped that the family who I was giving the tour to had a sibling at NDP, so they knew a lot already and helped me to not feel as nervous.
In the long run, NDP Open House was a huge success. The students and teachers enjoyed showing off their school, and all it has to offer. All of the tour guides did a wonderful job, the students helping in the classrooms did an amazing job, and all of the faculty and staff showed a tremendous love and passion for their school and their subjects. NDP is a wonderful place, and Open House proves just how much everyone loves NDP!

Anna Zittle, Middle Level Writer