A Fun Way to Spread Peace- The Shalom Club!

Maddie Tewey

Learning about global issues and how to spread peace to those around us in a fun and engaging way- those are the goals of the Shalom Club! This is the third year of the NDP’s fantastic Middle Level Shalom Club, which meets twice a week for one quarter during Explore mods. Here, students participate in activities such as singing songs, writing reflection journals, and delivering the Shalom Newscast, which spreads their message of peace around the NDP community. Another great aspect of the Shalom Club is the peace project, which each girl works on for the duration of the quarter and presents to the class with either a PowerPoint or a hand-made poster. These girls’ peace projects are everything from volunteering to Greek dance at a festival to babysitting for free around their neighborhoods. In addition to the in-school activities and the peace project, the members of the Shalom Club also visit the Caroline Center, a tuition-free school for deserving women in the Baltimore area. Through going to the Caroline Center, the girls learn how privileged they are and how movements like the Caroline Center can change a community for the better. Who could ask for a better addition the Middle Level Explores?Ms. McClurg's Shalom Club